Watershed Forest Farm

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Watershed Forest Farm is located in a wide open sunny holler, deep in Madison County, North Carolina. The traditional 1880s homestead is surrounded by a vast Appalachian hardwood forest that rises 1200 feet to an encircling ridge with breathtaking views. The forest floor provides a diversity of medicinal herbs and wild foods while multitudes of black walnut, oak, hickory, persimmon, sugar maple, and chestnut fill the canopy. With its direct southern exposure, flowing waters and variance of micro-climates, the land is ideally suited to forest farming.  

Working with nature, we are pioneering an integrated  approach to regenerative forestry, community supported agriculture and watershed preservation.

2019 Community Supported Forest Agriculture   CSFA

Produce Shares

Mushroom Shares

Winter Shares

Spring Water Shares

Seasonal Herb Baskets

Nursery Plants and Seed

Forest-to-Table and Workshops


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