Forage Life!

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The farmstead is surrounded by a classic Appalachia  cove hardwood forest with massive rock outcroppings, lush creeks, flowing springs and a myriad of secluded niches to explore.

The forest has a highly diverse native herb population and 4 distinct tree stands in various states of balance from historical practices, including a large section of virgin old growth that were spared on the steep slopes.

This enchanted realm is connected by miles of meandering paths leading to a high ridge trail with breathtaking panoramic views of the bordering Cherokee National Forest and Appalachian Trail.  

Rising 1200 feet to the encircling ridge, the land's topography forms a self-contained watershed basin, harvesting an average of 190 million gallons of precipitation each year. These sacred waters cascade through the streams and recharge her springs on its path to the Laurel, French Broad, Tennessee and Mississippi rivers before feeding the Gulf of Mexico. 
The latitude and altitude of these ancient Appalachian mountains support one of the most biologically diverse temperate regions on the planet. With its direct southern exposure, surrounding wildlands, abundance of water and variance of micro-climates, the Watershed Forest Farm presents an ideal environment to study, observe and experience our region's rich biological heritage. 

We are developing a Living Classroom Guide with trail maps, forest species identification, self-guided nature hikes, for your own earth-grounding and free range forest ramblings. 

 Does this sound like a place you and others would enjoy visiting for a day, a night, a weekend? The perfect spot for your ceremony, workshop or celebration? Are you a forager, a foody or someone that is looking to build a life connection with an over-flowing abundant forest in our region?  If so, please consider becoming a member.