Rising 1200 feet to an encircling ridge, the land's topography forms a self-contained watershed basin, harvesting an average of 190 million gallons of precipitation each year. These sacred waters cascade through the streams and recharge her springs on its path to the Laurel, French Broad, Tennessee and Mississippi rivers before feeding the Gulf of Mexico.  To decrease erosion, encourage infiltration and harvest its power we are planning some exciting water projects in the farm and forest.

Watershed Preservation Society members donate to support regenerative forestry, water infrastructure and long range development projects on the land. Projects include the design and installation of:

- A nursery for native and useful trees and plants.

- Water filtering, storage and transport systems.

- Hydro-electric power generation.

- Gravity powered compressed water and air technologies. These technologies could enable water powered tools like a sawmill, or a cable air-tram system for transporting logs and materials to and from the forest highlands.

- A wood fired Forest Spa! The creek side spa will feature spring fed tubs, a sweat lodge style sauna, a cold plunge and a radiant heated bathhouse with space for yoga, massage and a teahouse!

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